Been an entrepreneur is a very empowering endeavor that creates a lot of jobs for the economy. One thing to do to ensure the success of the business is to know if the venture is growing, slowing down or at the verge of collapse. One sure way to notice these changes is to make sure you have systems in place. The only way to do that is to make sure your books are in order. Been a business owner is a full time job. Imagine having to learn something new to make informed decisions about the business. At Evedone Accounting, we keep your books current and accurate to help you with any analytics needed to forecast the future of the business and also increase growth. This will help you focus on employee morale, which will increase customer satisfaction, which will in turn translate in to more revenue.
We cater to our clients based on their business needs. We offer one on one bookkeeping training for small business owners who want to do their own books.

Our bookkeeping and accounting services include:

  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable services
  • Accounts Payable Services
  • Job costing
  • Inventory Services
  • Book Cleanup
  • Financial reporting
  • 1099 filing

Software expertise

You can also look us up on Quickbooks. Set up an appointment now to reserve your spot.